Your Transaction Management, Now Front and Center with CPros

How would your business transform if you used the time reserved for paperwork to strengthen relationships with your clients and focus on dollar-producing activities? With the acquisition of CPros (Conveyance Pros), a full-service provider of concierge transaction management services for real estate brokerages and agents, Keller Williams can now add an additional point of leverage to their arsenal of concierge services.

Jason Conner

“The benefits of CPros allows our agents a significant, inexpensive leverage point for administrative tasks related to their listings and transactions,” says KW vice president of segments Sajag Patel. “We are excited to partner with CPros founder and executive director Jason Conner and his team as we provide this concierge service to our agents and their clients across the KW ecosystem.” 

In the second half of 2020, KW originally launched a suite of brokerage- and agent-centric concierge KW Professional Services related to lead generation, marketing, and holistic technology and onboarding support. As a result, agents can spend less time stressing about how to maintain key business functions, and more time developing the key relationships that are integral to the health of their business. CPros serves as another avenue for agents to focus on what they do best. 

“KW has always prioritized the success of the individual real estate agent, which is a passion of mine, and a core philosophy to the business we have built,” says Conner. “We are so excited to be here and to bring innovative leverage solutions to KW agents everywhere.” 

CPros will be fully integrated into KW’s smart CRM-plus platform, Command, and their suite of services will be available as part of the KW MarketPlace within the Keller Cloud platform. 

“CPros provides the ‘easy button’ for functional transaction management tasks for our agents,” said Matt Green, head of agent growth and partner experience. “It’s another important way we’re ensuring our agents are focused on their highest value to clients – their fiduciary tasks.”

Family Reunion attendees can connect with the CPros team in-person in the Uber Booth area (they will be known as LevPros at the event). Stop by for freebies and additional information on the value that CPros can bring to your business!

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