Command Challenge Wk4 | Tag and Segment Your Contacts

This week’s Command Challenge will go over:

1. How to use tags
2. How to create custom tags
3. Why you need tags

The power of any CRM is in the ability to strategically and systematically communicate with your contacts and leads. Command is set up to provide you multiple ways to segment your database and then apply SmartPlans, tasks, etc. to strategically, systematically and efficiently work your database.

Remember, not everyone cares about the same things equally. What do I mean? Beyond the fact some contacts/leads are buyers or sellers, these contacts/leads are people with interests and questions different from one another. A powerful CRM, such as Command allows you to have one-to-many conversations based around what they want and like. You would never think of sending communication about the most recent listings to hit the market in the last week to only people looking in a particular neighborhood, or sending a community update to your farm, or even breaking news on a sports team to your entire database, but with a properly segmented database you can send it to just those who care about those things.

Best Practices and Recommended Tags:

* System tags as applicable to your contact
* SOI – for friends and family, not for people you have met
* City, State and neighborhood where they live
* Shared interest(s) with you
* Mother/Father, think of sending an email or text to only the Mother’s on Mother’s Day

A fairly simple CRM is going to cost you on the low-end $40/mo and on the higher end it can be $1,500 to $3,500 and more (I have paid those high numbers for my team in the past). Command costs you nothing additional and comes with plans pre-built for you to begin touching your contacts and leads immediately.

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