Build + Elevate in 2022: How to Leverage Your Q1 Personally-Branded Magazine

You’ve loved leveraging the professionally-designed piece and feature articles as a lead generation tool that establishes you as a market expert. Today, the magazine returns in Designs, ready to be tailored to your specific winter and early spring business needs. 

This issue’s theme, “Build + Elevate in 2022,” comes at a time when your sphere is inspired to reassess their lives and goals with the start of the new year. Within this issue, you will find tips and strategies for clients to stay motivated in 2022 while also showcasing the opportunities available in the new homes sector.

Here’s what you can expect inside the pages of the newest personally-branded magazine, as well as a peek into how one agent is making the magazine work for him.

Establish Expertise Through Feature Articles

Top Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022. Start the new year on an inspirational note. This piece will help your clients elevate their homes and create a cozy environment for the most important space in their lives.

10 Ways to Stay Motivated in 2022. From goal-setting to accountability, this piece offers bite-size advice that can help your clients stay motivated all year long!

Happy New Homes. Your clients may not be familiar with the exciting opportunities that come with purchasing a newly constructed home, but have no fear. We are here to help you set the record straight and establish you as an expert, constantly keeping the pulse on home buying trends.

How to Make the Magazine Work For YOU

Operating partner of the E to P Group and regional director of KW Northern California and Hawaii Caryn Prall feels so strongly about the lead generation power of the personally-branded magazine that she created her own to set an example for her team and new prospective Keller Williams agents. 

“Our agents and recruits are constantly looking at ways to stand apart,” she says. “This tool allows them so many options – print, social, web. And the ability to customize to have their own brand and storyline is a win-win!”

KW agent Jay Cermak of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, believes the magazine is a valuable resource to share with his sphere.

“I love how luxurious the magazine feels!” he says. “Great articles, personalized market data that I can control, and it would have taken me a lot longer to come up with all the articles on my own!” In order to make it his own, Cermak leans into light customization. “I changed a few colors, added logos and branding, updated all pages with my info and market info, and spent some time creating something valuable for my clients and branded toward my business.”

Once he’s customized the issue with his personal brand, Cermak hosts the issue on Google Drive and shares a hyperlink to it in emails to his clients. He also had a few copies printed for local clients and shared the link with people who registered with him based on a Facebook ad.

“I was able to get a few buyer leads in my pipeline from promoting the magazine on Facebook ads through Campaigns in Command,” he says. “The magazine goes into my pre-listing packets as well, and buyer packets when I meet with buyers to add even more value to my listing and buyer presentations.”

For maximum benefit, Cermak recommends tying the magazine into quarterly touches with your sphere.

“If you combine the magazine with your quarterly calls and plus it by updating the homeowner on their current market value, you will become the true economist of choice,” he says. “Set a baseline value today on their home, and next time a magazine comes out and you call to check in on the client, provide your magazine, ask for feedback, and give a market update.”

Time to Get Personal

Ready to customize the new issue of the magazine to fit your business and your lead generation goals? Click below to access your personally-branded magazine in Designs, and let us know your favorite customization tips and tricks!

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