Be the Economist of Choice for Your Clients

Be the Economist of Choice for Your Clients

Every day our clients face an onslaught of disconnected market information and advice. The national news trumpets the latest rate hike or unemployment stats. Talk show guests debate recession and affordability. These bits of information are sliced into eye-grabbing videos and provocative headlines on social media. It adds up to an overwhelming amount of information that doesn’t make anyone informed. Meanwhile, your seller’s coworker shares how badly prices have fallen in the past few months in her hood. And their favorite podcaster prescribes renting over buying.

What all these armchair quarterbacks aren’t sharing and aren’t capable of sharing is perspective. The national narrative rarely, if ever, matches the local experience. Generic advice rarely, if ever, matches a client’s specific goals.

TwentyPercenters handle more real estate transactions in a month than most will experience in a lifetime. We have the ability to place market facts into perspective to help our clients make great decisions. We can connect data points with context to tell a story clients can both understand and act on.

Here’s a cheat sheet on seven commonly misunderstood economic measures critical to understanding real estate and the economy.

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