30 Social Post Ideas for a Bountiful November

November Calendar

Cultivating your social media presence is a great way to connect with current clients, potential customers, vendors, and other individuals in all areas of your business. That’s why we’ve created a whole month of social post ideas for you to try out. Fill out your own social media calendar with your favorite prompts from our November spread below.

This month, new holiday graphics for Diwali and the end of daylight saving time, as well as images for other November holidays are up in Designs in Command. Check them out!

Week 1

  • November 1¡Feliz Día De Los Muertos! 💀 Wish your followers a wonderful holiday today and tomorrow as they celebrate their loved ones who have passed. The holiday graphics in Designs are here for you! Bonus❗ This month, many people are thinking about gratitude. Share a daily or weekly highlight about something you’re extra grateful for in your life.
  • November 2Start the buzz around your market with all new Buzz Graphics! 🐝
  • November 3 – Spread the love! Highlight three minority-owned service providers you’ve loved working with.
  • November 4Happy Diwali! Celebrate the festival of lights and use a Diwali graphic to wish others a wonderful holiday.
  • November 5 – It’s time to get cooking! Let your audience see three listings with fully upgraded kitchens, and use For Sale graphics to show them off.
  • November 6 – When you need a moment to get away, where do you go? Share that special spot that provides you with peace and quiet and ask your audience what they do to slow down every once in a while.
  • November 7Goodbye, daylight saving time! ⏰ Hello, extra hour of sleep! Grab a graphic to celebrate the extra Z’s.

Week 2

  • November 8 – Upcoming open house? Let your followers know with an Open House graphic.
  • November 9 – How well does your audience know you? Put them to the test with a trivia game posted to your story. Use the opportunity to share pictures of pets, people, and places you care about. 🐶
  • November 10 – A well-manicured lawn is a happy lawn. Highlight a landscaping vendor who can get any shrub or hedge into shape.
  • November 11Happy Veterans Day! Celebrate and honor those who have fought with a graphic in Command.
  • November 12 – What’s up in your neighborhood? Use a neighborhood snap to share the scoop.
  • November 13 – Let your followers know where to go if their heating or cooling is acting up with a highlight of your favorite AC/heating vendors. 🥵🥶
  • November 14 – You’re not JUST a real estate agent, right? Show off a personal project you’ve been working on and ask your followers what they create in their free time.

Week 3

  • November 15 – It’s your midmonth market update moment! Show what you know with a Market Update graphic.
  • November 16 – “Can you believe no one knows about this?!” Share that thing you find totally underrated and ask your audience about what they’ll never take for granted.
  • November 17 – Have you been utilizing your personally-branded magazine? 📰 Send out some digital copies if you haven’t shared any physical spreads.
  • November 18 – Fall colors can take the right trip to a new level. Display your personal local knowledge by outlining the best place to take a walk or a drive to drink in all the beauty.
  • November 19 – What’s playing? ▶  Let your followers know which movie, book, or podcast is living rent-free in your head, and ask them to share what they’re into these days.
  • November 20 – Has the market moved? Update your audience with a Home Value graphic from Designs.
  • November 21 – Prep your followers for next week with a Coming Soon preview. 👀

Week 4

  • November 22 – How are winters in your local area? ❄ Help homeowners prepare with some tips for weathering next season.
  • November 23 – What’s closed this week? Alert your audience to key businesses or public transport systems that will be closed or have limited hours during the holiday.
  • November 24 – Share a photo of the people you’re spending your holiday with!
  • November 25 Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 Express your gratitude for your audience and the people you work with who help make every day better.
  • November 26 – It’s Black Friday! Highlight some local businesses that are offering amazing deals!
  • November 27 – Home and happy! Use an Under Contract graphic to showcase a special property that closed recently.
  • November 28Hanukkah begins tonight! 🕎 Celebrate eight days of Hanukkah from today to December 6. Use a Holiday graphic to get you started!

Week 5

  • November 29 – Finish the month off strong with some info only a local expert would know.
  • November 30 – Happy last day of the month! 📅 Share a recap of November with your audience. What went well? What will you keep in mind for December?

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!


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